(Left to right) Francis Davis, Aristide Dixon, Nancy Phillips and Rose Smart

Outreach Fellowship

Through Outreach Fellowships, The New Freedom Missionary Baptist Church reaches out a helping hand with the love of Jesus Christ to serve those in need within the local communities. New Freedom Missionary Baptist Church Outreach Fellowships include:

-Thanksgiving Outreach

-Christmas Outreach

Mission Ministry- The New Freedom Missionary Baptist Church Mission  Ministry is passionate about community service. This ministry seeks to minister to the needs of the hurting, the destitute, and those living in the margins of life. It is our desire to see lives transformed through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We seek to meet the practical needs of the whole man. This ministry reaches out to those on a community, city, state, national and world wide platform.

Foreign Missions

Our church is a Missionary Baptist Church which lends itself to foreign outreach and a part of our mission is outreach on foreign soil.

Home Missions

Prison MinistryThe prison ministry is responsible for going into the jails and prisons to minister to those incarcerated. They also connect with and minister to the families of those that are imprisoned. 

Nursing Home Ministry- This ministry meets the needs of those in local convalescent homes and assisted living facilities. We believe that fellowship is designed to discourage feelings of loneliness and despair. We encourage them through prayer, praise, worship, and fellowship. 

Outreach Ministries

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