​​New Freedom M. B. C.

Annual Days

Our Annual Days are yearly preset days that we come together to fellowship and share the love of Jesus Christ.

For 2014, They Are...

February 23rd-Church Anniversary "Celebrating 14 Years of Service"

May 25th- Family And Friends Day

June 9th-12th- VBS (Vacation Bible School)

July 7th-11th- E.K. Bailey Preaching Conference

July 23nd- 26th- Glory to Glory Children and Youth Leadership Conference

August- Back to School Celebration

October 31st- Hallelujah Night 

November 16th- Pastor's Anniversary

November 27th- Thanksgiving Day Outreach Dinner

​December 31st- New Years Eve Celebration (Praying out the old, into the new !)

Athletic Ministry

The Athletic Ministry helps us to minister to the whole man. It's our goal to help children and youth develop gifts and talents while having fun. The athletic ministry provides a healthy venue for developing character, sportsmanship, and overall fellowship.

Touch Ministry

The Touch Ministry cares for persons who are guests to our church for the very first time. The Touch Ministry provides friendship, fellowship, and encouragement to help them connect with the ministry.

Healing Touch Ministry

The Healing Touch Ministry is responsible for providing a healing touch and support to the immediate family of the deceased.

Marriage Ministry

"What God hath put together let no man put asunder." Mathew 19:6

The Marriage Ministry mission is to promote and strengthen healthy marriages through education, communication, and fellowship; to reduce divorces, to discourage

premarital  cohabitation , and encourage quality time. This ministry is for those that are engaged, planning marriage, or married.

Fellowship Ministries