Bridge Builders (Young Adults ages 17-35)

Bridge Builders is comprised of young adults ranging from ages 17-35 who utilize their various gifts and talents to glorify God by bridging the gap between the past, the present, and the future.

Women's Ministry

Women of New Freedom seek to come together in study, leadership, guidance, and fellowship so they may fully realize and develop their potential in Christ. This ministry brings restoration to those who are wounded, hurting, and broken.

​Age Groups:

                       Sister 2 Sister                                                   Ages (10-16)

                       Woman 2 Woman                                            Ages (17-40)

                      (W.O.W.) Women Of Wisdom                            Ages (41+)

As Women of New Freedom, Our Mission is to bring inspiration, edification and training to women both physically and spiritually through the Word of God that they may be equipped for the journey, so that the wounded can be healed, the hurting can be relieved, and the broken can be made whole.

A Walk in the Word

A Walk In the Word is our weekly opportunity to fellowship, study, and gleam into the rich treasures of God's Word. It is an opportunity for us to see the meaning of the Word, the relevance of the Word, and the application of the Word.

                       "Train up a child the way they should go...' This ministry lays down biblical foundation, that ministers to our children  and youth on their developmental levels. We expose them to biblical principles through teaching, games, and activities.If they are to be healthy, happy and living out their faith; it will be because they have been trained in the principles of God. 

Christian Education

This Ministry is responsible for setting a paradigm for discipleship through Christian teaching. Our Christian Education Ministry is responsible for curriculum development, teacher orientation and membership exhortation.

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Discipleship Ministries

​The 300

"Put on the whole amour of God that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. Ephesians 6:11

Age Groups:

              Boys 2 Men​                                                          Ages (10-16)

             M.O.V.E. (Men Of Valor & Excellence)                 Ages (17-40)

             Seasoned Soldiers                                                 Ages (41+)          

Our mission is to restore the standard of man through knowledge of God's Word, prayer, spiritual counseling, guidance, Christian fellowship, encouragement and activities.

Prayer Ministry

Our Prayer Ministry intercedes on the behalf of others, that all people may be uplifted, comforted, blessed, and healed through the power of prayer.

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​​New Freedom M. B. C.